Be prepared before a wildfire starts

Wildfire Resources for Larimer County

It is often said, “proper planning prevents poor performance”.  This sentiment couldn’t be more true than when it comes to an emergency. With the wildfire season upon us, it is important to know what to do when fire occurs and what resources are available to you.  The High Park Fire of 2012 showed us how […]

Not a Watershed, just a shed.

Think You Know What a Watershed Is?

We’ve all heard the term “watershed”.  Think you know what a watershed is? Some people think it’s the building we keep the garden hoses and watering cans in. Others believe it’s the shed out back housing the pool supplies. Perhaps it’s just a safe place to store extra water bottles in case of an emergency. […]

Rewarding Stewards for Conservation Outcomes not Actions

Performance Based Conservation: Paying for Outcomes Instead of Actions

Communities need clean and abundant water to thrive, our livelihoods and well being depend on it. We all have a personal stake in helping landowners and conservation professionals properly care for the forests and land our water comes from. What if communities could maximize the impact of their investments in forest health treatments while rewarding […]

Prescribed Fire is Key for Watershed Health

Prescribed Fire is Key for Watershed Health

Controlling Wildfire in the West: Anyone living in the arid mountain West knows the reality of wildfire; it’s not if wildfire will happen, but when. Each summer as the temperatures rise and the landscape dries, we hope to be spared the sight of smoke on the horizon. What if we could combat wildfire before it […]

Invest in Watershed Protection

Resources for Building Water Funds

Why Water Quality Matters to You: The health of our forests and the resiliency of our watershed ecosystems are in jeopardy. Our cities continue to grow, while our water quality and supplies diminish. Currently one in ten people worldwide lack access to clean water and by the year 2025 two thirds of the world will […]

Holiday Greetings

It’s been a great year for Peaks to People Water Fund, and I hope it has been a great year for you as well. As I reflect back on what we have accomplished so far, I am also excited to envision what is to come. This past year, we completed 100 acres of work on [...]

Larimer County Department of Natural Resources Ramsay-Shockey Open Space – State Land Board

Project Overview: The 177-acre Ramsay-Shockey Open Space, managed by the Larimer County Department of Natural Resources, was purchased in 1997 to protect important wildlife habitat, provide a buffer to Pinewood Reservoir (an important water holding site), and expand recreational activities. This project covers approximately 70 acres across a cross section of the Ramsay Shockey Open [...]
Elkhorn Creek Demonstration site

Ben Delatour Scout Ranch – Elkhorn Creek

Project Overview: The Ben Delatour Scout Ranch is a 3,200-acre property located 40 miles northwest of Fort Collins, CO. Established in 1958, the ranch is used for a wide variety of programs designed to help children develop respect for the natural environment and build leadership and survival skills. Project work began in late 2016 in [...]