Peaks to People Water Fund is comprised of businesses, organizations, individuals and landowners who recognize the need to protect the forested watersheds of Colorado’s Front Range from unprecedented threats that, left unchecked, will greatly damage ecosystems vital to our wellbeing and livelihood. Our vision, mission and approach are focused on mitigating wildfire risks in order to improve forest health, enhance water quality and quantity, protect wildlife habitat, and ensure businesses that rely heavily on clean and available water can prosper and thrive.

Our Vision

A Colorado where rural and urban communities join to enhance the natural resources, wildlands, and agricultural areas upon which our quality of life depends.

Our Mission

To create a watershed fund through which community members support land stewards who conserve and enhance nature’s ability to provide clean and abundant water, healthy food, productive soils, carbon storage, wildlife habitat, and inspiring open spaces for all community members to enjoy.

Our Approach

Peaks to People is a connector between donors who want to manage wildfire risk and support watershed improvements with stewards whose practices can improve the provision of nature’s benefits.


Key milestones and achievements include:


Completed Feasibility Analysis & Initial Outreach


Established Fund
Drafted Vision & Mission
Developed Working Group Concept
Secured Founding Supporters


Recruited 1st Fund Director
Established Working Group
Launched Demonstration Projects
Development of the Watershed Investment Tool

2018 -2020

Completed Work at Initial Demonstration Sites
Completed Development of Watershed Investment Tool
Launched Social Media Campaigns


Launched Big Thompson Initiative


Began convening Big Thompson Watershed Health Partnership

Photo Credit: © The Nature Conservancy