Grant Funding Awarded to Support Big Thompson Watershed Health Partnership

We are very pleased to announce that we have been selected to receive grant funding to support the Big Thompson Watershed Health Partnership (BTWHP). This essential support will allow us to further our mission of creating resilient landscapes and addressing wildfire risks in Northern Colorado. The Northern Colorado Fireshed Fund, established in collaboration with the National Forest Foundation and the Arapaho Roosevelt National Forest, has awarded approximately $975,000 in funding to six local organizations, including Peaks to People Water Fund.

The BTWHP, a collaboration of over a dozen local, state, and federal agencies, is dedicated to improving forest health, reducing wildfire risk, and safeguarding critical water supplies and communities in Northern Colorado. Its vital work extends beyond jurisdictional boundaries to create lasting impact in the Big Thompson watershed. Recognizing the importance of such initiatives, the Northern Colorado Fireshed Collaborative (NCFC) established the Fireshed Fund to facilitate the allocation of diverse funding sources, supporting activities that align with the mission of the NCFC.

The Review Process

Proposals for the grant funding were meticulously reviewed by the Fireshed Collaborative’s Investment Committee. This committee, responsible for developing requests for proposals, evaluating submissions, and making recommendations for fund investments, ensured a thorough and fair evaluation process. The collaboration and coordination among the committee members have been crucial in identifying the most deserving projects.

Partnership members discussing wildfire risk in Big Thompson Watershed with state representative from Loveland.

Our Impact and Collaboration

The awarded funding will significantly enhance our capacity to achieve landscape-scale impacts in the Big Thompson watershed. By supporting partners across various jurisdictions, we can collectively work towards improving forest and stream health and reducing wildfire risks to communities and critical water supplies. The opportunity to collaborate with numerous dedicated stakeholders in this endeavor is a privilege we deeply appreciate. Together we are focusing on increasing the ability of the watershed to withstand disturbances utilizing mechanical fuel reduction methods, prescribed fires, and strategic wildland fire management. By implementing these measures, we will create more resilient landscapes and mitigate the potential impact of wildfires on communities and ecosystems.

Partners convened in April for Big Thompson Forest Health Assessment presentation by JW Associates.

“This grant funding provides a tremendous boost to our ongoing efforts in the Big Thompson watershed,” says Sandi Good, Program Manager for Peaks to People Water Fund. “We are grateful for the support and excited about the collaborative opportunities that lie ahead.”

Join Us

We invite you to join us in this important endeavor. Visit us HERE to learn more about the Big Thompson Watershed Health Partnership, our goals, and how you can get involved.

Together, we can make a lasting difference in creating resilient landscapes and protecting our communities.