Waltonia Forest Thinning and Wildfire Risk Reduction Project

Project Location:

Waltonia is located approximately halfway between Estes Park and Loveland, Colorado, off of Highway 34. This project includes 50 acres of forest treatment across small- to mid-acreage parcels within the community in addition to 1- mile of roadway defensible space work along Waltonia road from the entrance bridge up to the private gate at the top of the road. Waltonia is located in a narrow draw between heavily forested, steep canyon walls. The proposed treatment units are dominated by ponderosa pine and mixed conifer forests which are particularly dense on the west side of the valley.

Project Impact:

This community is at high risk for severe wildfire, treatments are intended to reduce wildfire risk and improve ingress/egress routes for emergency responders. With directly adjacent treatments currently ongoing in Pole Hill, treatments in this project area would accomplish cross-boundary wildfire risk reduction and enhance landscape-scale resiliency. The project includes several community outreach events (workshops/trainings and community meetings) to promote education and awareness around wildfire risk to raise the capacity for landowners to pursue their own mitigation activities. Community mitigation efforts will also be supported with three Air Curtain Burner “burn days”.

Implementing Agency:

Big Thompson Watershed Coalition

Funding Agencies:

Peaks to People Water Fund
Colorado State Forest Service
Colorado Department of Natural Resources
Northern Water
U.S. Forest Service

Funding Year: 2022

Watershed: Big Thompson