Preserve Colorado’s Watersheds: Secure Our Future, One Drop at a Time

Imagine a Colorado where clean, abundant water is a given, where our forests are healthy and thriving, and where our environment supports our communities and businesses. This is the Colorado we’re working to create, and we need your help.


Peaks to People Water Fund is a 501c3 Non-profit organization based out of Fort Collins, Colorado. We were founded in the wake of the High Park Fire of 2012 and the subsequent historic floods that occurred the following year.  Our mission is to safeguard our mountain watersheds—the unsung heroes that provide us with vital resources like clean water, diverse wildlife habitats, and abundant recreational opportunities.


Cultivate partnerships – Working collaboratively with our partners across the region is the cornerstone of our efforts. The scope of the problems facing our mountain watersheds is far too great for any one entity to remedy. This prompted Peaks to People to convene the Big Thompson Watershed Health Partnership (BTWHP) in 2022. Comprised of 16 local, state and federal organizations, both public and private, our partnership aims to increase the pace and scale of forest health projects throughout the watershed by sharing valuable expertise and resources. Peaks to People willingly shares resources and expertise, such as grant writing and administration, with our partners.

Strategically Invest – Our one-of-a-kind Watershed Investment Tool is the original risk analysis tool developed for northern Colorado. It allows us to strategically select forest health projects that directly protect water supplies from the impacts of high severity wildfire. It provides us with detailed information on the wildfire risks that will be avoided at precise treatment locations such as: metric tons of sediment into water supplies avoided, costs to water providers avoided, acres of critical wildlife habitat protected, number of homes within one kilometer of the treatment area, acres of parks and open space protected, miles of trails protected and much more. Our team of forestry and finance experts use this information when considering which forest health projects to fund.


Access to clean water is the cornerstone of our thriving communities and businesses. It’s the essence of life in Colorado. However, our clean water sources are facing increasing threats, especially from severe wildfires. Healthy forests are more resilient to the impacts of climate change. By supporting forestry projects adjacent to vulnerable water supplies we can reduce the severity of wildfires and the impacts of post fire flooding.


By making a tax-deductible donation today, you’re not just contributing to a cause; you’re investing in the future of Northern Colorado. You’re taking a tangible step towards restoring the health of our forests and preserving our precious water sources. Every dollar you contribute reduces the risk of severe wildfires.  Together, we can make a profound difference. Will you join us in creating a better future for Colorado?

Thank you for being a part of this vital mission.