Roberts Ranch Campbell Valley

Project Overview:
Roberts Ranch is 16,500-acre ranch filled with American heritage and geological wonders located in Livermore, CO. The project was established in 2009 with a focus on reducing erosion, restoring habitat and improving water quality on part of the ranch known as Campbell Valley.

Project Outcome:
To date, the project has been very successful. A restoration and water quality-monitoring plan has been developed and implemented. A highly unstable reservoir has been converted into a stable wetland that houses an abundance of wildlife. Native seed and mature plants have been planted along one mile of stream. Four miles of wildlife-friendly fencing and erosion control structures for 20+ gullies have been installed. Some 20,000 tires were removed, and one mile of an actively head cutting stream was stabilized – reducing sediment loads and thereby improving water quality. Data collection is ongoing and will be used to inform future projects and support the development of the Watershed Optimization Tool.

Partners Involved:
Peaks to People Water Fund, The Nature Conservancy, Natural Resources Conservation Service, US Fish & Wildlife Service Partners for Wildlife Program, Colorado State University, City of Fort Collins Utility, and Wildlands Restoration Volunteers

Photo Credit: © The Nature Conservancy