The Outcomes

Peaks to People Water Fund is committed to conservation that achieves measurable outcomes and is based on strong science. To that end, we have completed work at several demonstration sites to assist with initial data gathering, testing and process development. Each site is located in either the Big Thompson or Cache la Poudre watersheds and is unique in design and function. All operating and certification procedures used to measure ecological benefits and returns on investments are being documented and compiled into our Watershed Investment Tool, which will be used to understand outcomes and inform future projects. We have also developed a web-based performance tracking system, the Watershed Health Outcomes Tracker.

Watershed Health Outcomes TrackerWatershed Health Outcomes Tracker

Fostering collaboration among local conservation organizations, public agencies and community stakeholders is the most important step in the water fund process. To that end, Peaks to People and Sitka Technology Group have developed a Watershed Health Outcomes Tracker. This valuable tool enables implementers, landowners and funders to track proposed and active projects designed to improve forest health and protect water in Northern Colorado. Equally important, it will allow citizens to see the benefits of all the work that is being done by the conservation community to restore our forests and protect water supplies.

Outcomes Tracker Fact Sheet

This tool provides a wealth of information such as project maps, proposals, performance measures, funding sources and much more. Our Tracker generates fact sheets for each project which include: key accomplishments (performance measures), changes in fire behavior, funding, photos and other relevant information. Performance Measures demonstrate cost effectiveness and improve transparency of publicly-funded investments. Most of the performance measures will be provided by Peaks to People via our Watershed Investment Tool and Co-benefits tools.


Accomplishments as of October 2021*

  • $3,173,875 Total Funding Secured to Date for Projects
  • 1,776 treatment acres funded (Fuels Reduction/Forest Restoration)
  • 577 acres Active Crown Fire Reduced
  • 1,361 Homes Influenced (within 1km of treatment areas)
  • 12,749 metric tons of Avoided Sediment in Water Supplies
  • 1,103 acres Crucial Wildlife Habitat protected from Wildfire
  • 368 acres Parks and Open Space Protected from Wildfire

* Accomplishments are modeled with Peaks to People’s Watershed Investment Tool and Co-benefits Module. Most calculations do not account for probability of fire.  For more information, please visit

Current Demonstration Sites

Larimer County Department of Natural Resources Ramsay-Shockey Open Space - State Land Board

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Elkhorn Creek Demonstration site

Ben Delatour Scout Ranch - Elkhorn Creek

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Roberts Ranch Campbell Valley

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Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch

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Demonstration Sites Monitoring Summaries

The analyses of modeled fire behavior by the Colorado Forest Restoration Institute (CFRI), CSU and The Nature Conservancy suggest that Peaks to People forest restoration treatments enhanced forest resilience to wildfire within most management areas by changing conditions at demonstration sites to support low- to mixed-severity fire regimes.



The full 2018 Ecological Monitoring Report for Peaks to People Water Fund Demonstration Sites

Executive Summary

Monitoring Summary_Ben Delatour Scount Ranch – Burn Only

Monitoring Summary Ben Delatour Scout Ranch — Thin and Burn

Monitoring Summary Ramsay Shockey Unit B

Monitoring Summary Ramsay Shockey Unit C

Photo Credit: © Peter M. Brown, Rocky Mountain Tree-Ring Research